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Our Innovation

Our company strives to innovate and reinvent the marketplace with our amazing client solutions. Our services, combined with our award winning design team, produce the best products in the industry.
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Our Services
  • Powerful Registration Systems

    imageCustom built registration systems available. Your design and graphics applied to the forms.

    Fully customisable and easily intergrated into any website design.

  • Fully Managed Service


    We offer a full management service, onsite and offsite support. Help desk and dedicated helpline setup for your event.

    We can deal with all delgate enquiries from registration to right up to the day of the event.

  • Live event data

    image Secure live access to the registration data is standard. All information collected is available via a web browser.

    Any of the data is available to download into excel at the click of a button.

  • Multiple Language

    image All details of the form data can be converted in to multi language, just click on the flag of choice and it switches the text.

    We also offer a translation service.

  • Online Payments

    imageTake booking fees or seminar fees online before the event with our fully intergrated card payment system.

    All major credit and debit cards taken.

Introducing Simply Reg Online PDF  | Print |  E-mail

We can provide you with a complete Online Registration Package for your event or conference. By using our web based Registration Systems to sign attendees up to your event you can benefit from the ease of access of a website, with a secure backend database system that handles all the actual details.

We can customize the design of each website to match your event, or we can provide a complete Online Registration software solution that allows multiple events to run under the one website, each with their own logo and colour scheme. This scalability means we can provide a cost effective solution for every event, from small one-off events to large multi-site conferences.

By using our vast website experience, and by coding using PHP and SQL we can design a customizable Online Registration System, so you can choose what information you need from each registrant, and what they see on each form. So if you have different levels of subscription or are running two events simultaneously we can tailor the Online Registration System to your needs.

All the actual data is stored in a secure database, which is backed up daily and is accessible to you or any other administrators from anywhere in the world.

We can also build in functionality for newsletters, email reminders, online payment, reports, name badges and hotel booking, making our Online Registration Software a complete package for event organisers, conference bookers and venues.

If you'd like to know more or would like a chat with someone about our Online Registration Systems please follow the 'Contact Us' link to the right.



Learn more about the industry and how our company is changing the paradigm. Browse the latest articles and research papers compiled by our business center.


We're dedicated to providing the most secure solutions for our customers and we lead the industry in research and action regarding the security of our networks.


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